You Don't Normally See Rockstar Sisters This Young...

Story by Elissa Koehl for USA Today - September 2, 2014

Summer is usually a laid-back time for most teenagers, but not for Caitlin and Sidney Powell. These two sisters have been using their summer vacation to fulfill their dream of becoming famous musicians.

At just 15 and 12 years old, Caitlin and Sidney are well on their way to achieving their goal. The sisters have their own acoustic band, aptly titled "Two Girls with Guitars." While each sister writes her own music, they also like to cover Top 40 hits.

Their journey technically began four years ago when both girls first started taking guitar lessons. But Caitlin confided in her mom at the young age of five that she wanted to be a rockstar when she grew up.

"I'm living out everything I ever wanted. If I could go talk to my five-year-old self I would say 'you were right, this is perfect. I'm so happy,'" says Caitlin.

After moving from Florida to Colorado two and a half years ago, the girls feel right at home in Denver. They both credit the natural beauty of Colorado as being the inspiration for many of their songs.

"Last year we had this giant drought and we had our first rainstorm. I just stood out in the rainstorm then went and wrote a song because what else would you do after that?" exclaims Sidney.

Watch the video above to hear some of their original music.

The home-schooled sisters aren't just touching those who hear their music. Parents Tom and Catrina are amazed at what their daughters are accomplishing.

"I'm so proud. The fact that they're not afraid. I'm terrified! It just blows my mind," says Catrina. But these parents are hands-on, too. They help lug equipment and serve as their "tour bus" driver, at least until older sister Caitlin can get her driver's license.

After learning valuable lessons from their first performances at restaurant open mic nights, the girls have moved on to bigger events like Denver's ComicCon and Denver RAW. And their calendar is quickly booking up.

In June, they just recorded their first CD of original music titled "Skyline." And while the girls' popularity continues to grow, they aren't letting their newfound success get to their heads. But they do admit a little more success might not be such a bad thing.

"We are going to take this as far as we can. If we get a Top 40 hit, that would be amazing," says Sidney.

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