Facing West: The Biggest Colorado Band You’ve Never Heard Of

Written by Katie Moulton for Westward - 10/30/17

Facing West has yet to check off the hallmarks of an up-and-coming Denver band. The acoustic-leaning alt-pop duo has never played the Larimer Lounge, never been nominated for a Westword Showcase. Neither member will be able to step foot in the hi-dive for several more years. Yet Facing West has amassed a supportive worldwide audience — 85,000 likes on Facebook, 59,000 Twitter followers, 119,000 Instagram followers, airplay of its new single, “Messed Up Masterpiece,” on 93.3 KTCL — not bad for teenagers living with their parents in Lakewood.

We chatted with Caitlin and Sidney Powell, the sisters who make up Facing West, to find out how they built such an audience, how they fit into the local scene and to defy them to melt our icy cynical hearts. The Powells speak as though sending exclamation-ridden text messages, with rampant energy and humor, talking over and playing off each other. It’s often hard to tell their voices apart over the phone, a sibling seamlessness that translates into their harmony-laden tracks.

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